TAO Condominiums - YRCC 1314

Welcome to Tao Boutique Condos!

It is located on Bayview just North of Highway 7 in Richmond Hill.

It is rather close, conveniently located near stores, which grants access to malls and restaurants as well. Tao's common areas have been designed to transform the stress of everyday life into a passing memory.

Spacious Tiger Room for a lavish soiree with friends with a more private dining room, a well-equipped Bodhi Fitness and yoga studio to have most peace and tranquility to your workout. Having a Lounge room to relax and Chakra room for spending a great afternoon with cards and pool tables and video games station is perfect to meet your friends for a great night of fun.  lean contemporary furniture, calming earth elements, beautiful Zen-inspired manicured garden bordered by calming green space and the German Mills Creek. The presence of the Laya Lounge for the comfort of your guests and a warm color palette in all common areas will provide a cozy experience for you, your family and your guests.

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